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How can we create plumber fashion?

The challenge for all companies is first to get customers. That’s tough. Then the challenge is to keep those customers. Successful companies cannot stop there; they need to turn customers into loyal customers and then turn them into brand ambassadors – people who are passionate enough about the brand to talk to others about it.

People don’t care about brands, and it’s not enough to satisfy the material good or service for which the product serves. People don’t buy Starbucks coffee because they are thirsty or need a hit of caffeine. There’s too much competition in the marketplace for products to merely serve customers on that level. Today’s customers expect more than that, and the competition is offering more, too. Customers today want to connect with the things that they buy. Customers want to spend their money with brands that offer the consumer a sense of identity. People shop at certain grocery stores because those stores make them feel a certain way; it’s grocery fashion. People buy certain brands of beer so that others can see them holding the bottle in their hand; it’s beer fashion. And, when you can turn your company, your service, or your product into a fashion, then your customers will “wear” your brand like a fancy outfit to a party. They will proudly sing the praises of your brand. Developing a fashion-like brand experience can be done for plumbers, roofing companies, financial analysts, adult diapers, and law firms. Virtually any product or service can turn its brand into a fashion-like brand for a segment of the market. Building this connection with consumers will allow you to leverage the relationship to gain more consumers.

So if you’re a plumber, what can you do to create plumber fashion?


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