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Guides to Going Digital

This week Ad Age ran an article that was a guide to going digital for ad agencies. This article reminds me of a famous quote, “Better late than never.” Titus Livius said this in around 2,000 years ago.

When thinking about going digital, remember what these smart people said.

In the digital age that we live in today, it’s interesting that many businesses are still un-digital.  It’s especially interesting for ad agencies for two big reasons. The first is that this is an industry that’s supposed to lead in the areas of culture, commerce, creativity. All of the trends in those areas are digital… and have been digital for years.  The other reason why un-digital ad agencies are interesting is that the advertising, marketing and media industries have suffered terribly since the economy tanked. Across the board, the only sector that has shown growth in the last couple of years (and maybe in the last decade) has been related to the digital side.

So why are there still ad agencies that have yet to jump into the digital pool? It goes back something that Sir Isaac Newton said around 300 years ago. It’s called Newton’s First Law, “A body persists in a state of uniform motion or of rest unless acted upon by an external force.” In other words, some agencies won’t change unless they have to. Change is hard for everyone. But change is here and has been for a while. The external force affecting un-digital ad agencies is profitability. This reminds me of another famous quote. This one is from Claudian (around 400 AD), “Change or die.”

The Ad Age article has real good ideas for taking an agency digital with links to other smart articles on the subject. Check it out here, and don’t forget what Titus, Isaac, and Claudian said.


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