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The Best and Most-Favorite Super Bowl Commercial

The Chrysler spot with Eminem was my favorite. The long-format spot does a fantastic job of making Chrysler relevant again — something that hasn’t happened in years (or even decades). I also like how the ad is focused on something bigger than Chrysler. The ad makes Detroit look cool. The spot is beautiful, it’s forward thinking, and it’s cool. The music inspires thinking of what’s next (rather than what was). Eminem’s only line wasn’t as strong as it should have been:  “This is the motor city. And this is what we do.” Since this line appears at the end of the spot, it feels like Eminem is saying that “what we do is… fade to black.”

The music builds to what feels like the next movement will be bigger and stronger. Maybe that’s the feeling that Eminem’s line is supposed to do, too. The spot is emotional, the spot is fresh and current, and the spot transform Chrysler (and Detroit) into something to be proud of.

The ad had me wanting to see more. Bravo, Chrysler!